Cultivate What Truly Matters In 2018

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Happy New Year! 

Are you happy that we made it into a new year?! I know I am! The out-the-box girl in me could do cartwheels up and down my block in footie pajamas right about now. Lol. Okay. Maybe not. It's freezing in Chicago! know I have to ask. How many many New Year resolutions have you created?! 10?! 5! Girl! 

What?! I'm not judging! Okay...maybe a tad bit. Just a smidge. Hold up! Just listen. I find it humorous how every year people stop living a regular life to meet unrealistic expectations that they have put on themselves. I know that was a bit harsh. And I understand that many of us view the New Year like a new beginning, but I truly feel like a New Year should push you to continue to cultivate the life-changing ambitions that are already rooted in your heart.

My opinion about New Year Resolutions is that it shouldn't take you a whole year for you to realize that you have been stuck in the dumps and stagnant. The lack of growth in your life should have been apparent before you ended the previous year. You could have begun cultivating your craft, gifts, talents, and ambitions at any moment in 2017. Yeah...2017 was a hard year for many of us, but you shouldn't allow negativity to keep you from moving forward. 

I just want to help. I don't want you to end up like the servant who received one bag of silver and NEVER sowed into it. Old dude was EXTREMELY scared of his boss. And had the audacity to call him a thief!

Huh? What you say? You don't know about the story of the boss who loaned money to his servants?! bad! I got you, girl! Do you mind if I give you the "Brittany Jay'na Version" (BJV)? Cool!

"On a hot summer day, Master M placed the last outfit he needed into his suitcase and slammed the lid shut. He was ready to get his party on! The wedding that he was about to attend was going to be lit. For a brief moment, he had a private dance party in the middle of his room. The master soon realized that he was about to sweat out his fade so he calmed himself down and cooled off. He told himself that he had to save all of his dance moves for the dance floor. 

As the master prepared to leave out, he glanced around the room making sure he wasn't forgetting anything. Immediately, his eyes landed on the money chest sitting tucked away on his nightstand. It dawned on him that he needed to assign his servants with an important task to look after his coins while he was out of town.

'Yo! Fiveaisha! Twon! Oneida! Come here! I need ya'll for a moment!', yelled Master M.

Within the seconds, the servants quickly arrived in their master's room. In unison, they replied 'Yes, Master M.'

'You guys know I will be leaving out for a long vacation. On top your usual assignments, I need for you to look after my money. If anything happens to my property, it's ya' behind. You got that?!' The three servants nervously nodded their heads in response. One by one, Master M began to hand over the money to each one of his servants. Fiveaisha received five bags of money. Twon received two bags of money. And Oneida received one bag. 

After Master M gave his servants their final instructions, he said his farewells and headed out to his car. The three servants, ever so lightly, snuck a peek through the blinds to watch their master pull out of the driveway and around the corner.

Fiveaisha burst out laughing and began to make plans on what she could do with the money to get more of it. You see Fiveaisha was the ambitious one. She wasn't going to take this moment for granted. She was hoping for a raise in her paycheck. She figured if she made her master more money he would give her more in return. 

Twon and Oneida looked at Fiveaisha like she was going completely nuts. 'How are you going to double the money he gave you? Aren't you afraid that you may lose the money? That's too much of a risk.', said Oneida.

'Okay. First of all, I ain't scared. Second of all, I have faith that I would get double the money. And third of all, I have a chance to invest it! Shoot...If I lose it, I will face the consequences.', said Fiveaisha. 

Twon listened to the discussion between Fiveaisha and Oneida. He realized that she was right. 'For once, she made sense. It was better to take a risk than to sit idly by on a gift.', Twon thought to himself. 

That afternoon the servants went their separate ways to use the skills that they acquired to make due with the portion of the money they possessed. Fiveaisha took her portion of the money and invested it into the bitcoin market. Her investment had earned her five more bags full of money. Twon took his portion of the money and invested his portion into stocks. He earned two more bags of money. And Oneida...well, she buried her bag of money in the soil of the garden located in the back of the house."

Then the servant with the one bag of silver came and said, ‘Master, I knew you were a harsh man, harvesting crops you didn’t plant and gathering crops you didn’t cultivate. I was afraid I would lose your money, so I hid it in the earth. Look, here is your money back.’
— Matthew 25: 24-25 NLT

I know! My story was a bit extra. Lol.

The point I was getting at is that you can't expect to have immediate results for things you want to accomplish without sowing into it. Or investing your time and resources. The growth process does take time. It requires faith. And it most definitely requires discipline. If you are trying to accomplish the same resolution that you failed to accomplish last year, have you ever asked yourself why you failed in the first place?!

Trust me. I get it! You want to lose weight, save more money, travel more...but you have to make small steps that will help you ultimately reach that BIG goal. Think about it in this sense. You never know what you can do until to sit down and do the following:

  1. Truly think about the matters of your heart.
  2. Create your BIG goals.
  3. Determine why those goals are important to you.
  4. Brainstorm small, baby steps to help you reach the BIG goal in the form of daily, weekly, and even monthly goals.
  5. Make edits, delete, and refine your steps or create new BIG goals. 

The key component that you need to grasp is that you must learn how to believe in yourself. And forgive yourself! There will be days when you fall behind on your schedule and don't accomplish a thing. And that's okay! Make an intentional purpose to take it day by day. God never intended for you to get everything you needed at one time. Take the small gifts that you have been given and sow into them. Think of your gifts, talents, and possessions as an investment. Don't allow the fear of the unknown to keep you from investing in the things you have been given. It's time for you to step up to the plate and step out of your comfort zone. God has so much in store for you! You can pass this test and move on to greater blessings through Him. It's time for you to cultivate what truly matters! You got this! This year, what are you trying to focus cultivate this year?