The Secret to Discovering Your Inner Truth

The sound of the alarm breaks the silence of her dwelling place. With sheer annoyance, she hits the snooze button and rolls over. Before she knew it, her alarm sounds off once again. A moan was released as she rolls over to grab her phone from the charger and to silence the alarm. For a brief moment, she reads the list of notifications on the lock screen of her phone. A few text messages, news posts, and app notifications. You know...the usual. Nothing important. With a sigh, she rises from the bed.

Slowly, she drags her feet to the bathroom. She desperately wanted more sleep, but time was not on her side this morning. She promised that she would attend a NARS event with her cousin on Michigan Avenue at Nordstrom. How was she going to ever get ready on time? She had to do her hair, pick out clothes, eat breakfast, and whatever else came to mind. Too many thoughts flooded her brain. She wanted to just focus on the thought of the warm, shower water cascading against her body. Hopefully, this will help her spirit awaken. Before pushing the curtain back, she decided to play her favorite playlist from the Tidal app.

The Secret to Discovering Your Inner Truth

With a clean body, she steps out of the shower feeling refreshed. And hot. The steam from the shower caused the bathroom to feel like a sauna. As she dried off, she realized that she had more steps to accomplish in order to be ready to leave the house on time. But...she was going to give it try. As she heads to her room, she notices her cousin preparing for their mini excursion. "OMG! Look at her makeup! I could never compare to her", she thought to herself. Shaking the thought away, she heads to her room to get dressed. As she pulled out her clothes from the closet, the image of cousin popped back into her head. "Should I wear makeup or should I go all natural?", she asked herself. "Brittany, you can't go to this event looking like a bum, especially when you are standing next to your glam-a-zon of baby cousin!" 

After getting dressed, she heads to the bathroom and give herself a natural look with her makeup. A look that she decided wouldn't draw any unwanted attention from others. As she looked in the mirror at her completed look, she began to pick apart her the pieces of her that made herself unique. "What's the point, right?, she said to herself, "No one will be paying attention to me anyway."

The cousins dressed and ready...head to the car. While driving East on the Eisenhower, the negative thoughts of herself fade away. In her own little world, she never expected the battle she would face when she arrived at Nordstrom. Her battle of comparison would soon rise up within desiring to suffocate her from the inside out. How can such a beautiful individual belittle herself on a daily basis?

It’s time for me to discover the truth of who I am.

Easy...she never grasped that she is wonderful all on her own. People would compliment her uniqueness, but it wasn't until she saw the potential within herself that she truly believe what God has been trying to show her all this time. Why did it take for a NARS event for her to realize this known fact?

You see...this wonderful young woman, ME!, had a bold spirit within, but wouldn't dare engage in uncomfortable things on my own. I allowed myself to be stretched by allowing a makeup artist to go ham on my face. Okay, maybe not "ham", but I did tell him to challenge me. And boy...did he! To this day, I thank God for using that handsome man of a makeup artist. Lol. He showed me that it's okay to feel uncomfortable, as long as I'm trying new things.

I left the NARS event with more than a beat face, but a new mindset. I realized I'm only invisible, because I portray myself to be that way. God never desired for me to shy away from the world. Did He tell me to work and live a quiet life? Yes, but He never told me to fear. He never told me to not embrace who I was called to become. 

This is the year that I stop hesitating and just do (with guidance. Of course!). What harm will it do? I understand that I will be stretched. I will be pushed. I will feel uncomfortable and maybe even a tad bit scared, but I'm learning that the fear that I feel within will only drive my faith and cause my gifts to be presented through my passion. 

I am determined to not waste my life away. I can't die knowing that I didn't use all of my gifts and talents to serve others. How would you feel knowing that you still had potential flowing through your veins on your deathbed? I think of this daily...What can I do to use my God-given gifts and talents to help others? It's time for me to discover the truth of who I am. You should join me. I'm sure that you can jump over your hurdles and dodge obstacles as you discover the truth living within you.