embrace who you are

The ultimate goal to living the life you've dreamed of isn't about being accepted by others. It's about unapologetically embracing the woman God called you to be. Are you trying to embrace who truly are? 


...ditch your issues with low self-esteem, gain confidence, and discover the truth living within you.


The Purple Truths is a faith-based brand that encourages women to ditch low self-esteem, gain confidence, and discover the truth of who they truly are. We cater to the millennial woman who strives to embrace the woman she was called to be. The Purple Truths type of woman is one who is determined to walk in her purpose.

The ultimate goal of this women is to walk boldly and confidently as a modern-day virtuous woman. You may recognize her as a teacher, counselor, blogger, or a philanthropist, but she has been called to represent magnificence to the world.

I believe that you are full of qualities that will shed a positive light to others. It's time for you to embrace who you have been hiding from the world and reveal her to the world. Let's take a journey to discover the truths living within you!


Who is Brittany?


I'm the brainchild and designer of a brand dedicated to helping women to embrace confidence and discover the truth living within.

You may not realize it, but...I'm just like you! For a long time, I have been seen as the girl who was reserved, quiet, and independent. No one knew that I was the young woman who constantly battled with fear, insecurities, and doubt. It wasn't until I realized that my life was simply existing and not evolving that I decided to make some adjustments.

Through my profound faith in God, I have been able to overcome depression, insecurities, and mishaps with life-threatening diseases. Over the past few years, I have had to push myself and spend time with God, so that I can trust in Him despite my life's circumstances.

In my quiet time, I was given an enlightening vision for The Purple Truths. It's purpose is to encourage women to embrace who they are and discover the truth living within. My heart's desire is to encourage the not-so-average woman to reveal the bold, outgoing, and caring spirit lying within.